Duration: 60 minutes

Choreography: Alvin Erasga Tolentino 
Dancer: Alvin Erasga Tolentino , Andrea Nann , Alison Denham 
Taiko/Percussion: Eileen kage 
Classical Pianist: Allison Nishihara 
Lighting: James Proudfoot

OrienTik/Portrait features the intricate and mesmerizing choreography of Alvin Erasga Tolentino dance by himself and partnered by the exquisite Toronto dancer, Andrea Nann,. The two dancers are joined by innovative Vancouver, taiko drummer Eileen Kage and classical pianist Alison Nishihara. Together, the four artists create and combines distinctive, cullturaly diverse, poignant and original contemporary music and dance. 
In OrientiTik/Portrait, sound and movements integrate and weave together in an enriching layer of moments in time. The performance highlights the experience, mediums and high artistry of each artists, their aim is to capture the resonance and transparency with the meeting of two performing mediums. 

OrienTik/Portrait is Co.ERASGA's 2005 latest creation in partnership with the Scotia Dance Centre's Artist in residency , 2005 Dancing on the Edge Festival in Vancouver, 2005 5th International Danse en Vol, and the Musique and Dance concervatoire in laon, France.

Touring Dates:

  • May 2010, National tour in celebration of Asian Heritage Month (Vancouver, Montreal, Fredericton, Toronto and Winnipeg)
  • July/August 2007, (excerpt, Avignon Festival and Edinburgh Festival)
  • April 2007, Seachelt BC
  • September 2006, (excerpt) Gibson BC
  • October 2005, Brussles, Belgium and Laon, France.